For the investor,

Our clinics offers more than just a great business opportunity, it offers proven results for millions of

Children and families struggling with these academic, behavioral and learning issues.

You are most welcome to explore this opportunity further and encourage you to contact us to get started in building a business that makes a difference!

Ideal Franchisee:

In choosing franchisees, preference will be given to applicants who:

  • Have experience in working with/teaching children (mainly primary school children).
  • Hold a tertiary qualification, preferably in the educational field.
  • Love and communicate well with children.
  • Disciplined self-starters with a high level of personal integrity.
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Possess good organizational skills and scheduling ability.
  • Are familiar with and involved in the community where the business is located.
  • Will actively work in and manage the business.
  • Are willing to work with computer program and information management systems.
  • Take pride in the quality of their work.


A. Overall responsibilities:

  • At all times promote the educational pastoral emotional and physical well-being of learners enrolled or associated with the Franchise.
  • Ensure that the image and reputation of the Franchisor/Brand is at all times maintained to the satisfaction of the Franchisor and that nothing which may be detrimental to that image is carried out by the Franchise or its employees.
  • Ensure that proper administrative and record systems are maintained to enable compliance with the Operational Manual and any further requests for information or data of whatsoever nature pertaining to any business of the Franchise which the Franchisor/Franchise owner may require.
  • Operate the Edublox franchise strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Operational Manual, Training manuals and in harmony with the Edublox values.


B. Perform three specific roles as Educational Practitioner:

  • As small group and individual tutor
  • As reading and learning specialist
  • As business owner/manager