Our Edublox classes specialize in cognitive development that makes learners smarter and helps them learn and read faster, easier and better. These classes, which can turn average or poor students into top achievers, address:
  • Concentration: Focused and sustained attention
  • Perceptual skills: Visual and auditory foreground-background differentiation; visual and auditory discrimination, synthesis and analysis; form discrimination; spatial relations
  • Memory: Visual, auditory, sequential, iconic, short-term, long-term and working memory
  • Logical thinking: Deductive and inductive reasoning
  • Reading, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension

The Intensive 1-on-1 course is a ten-day program offered to children who have lost hope in being able to read, struggle to grasp Mathematics, suffer from a low self-esteem and face the possibility of having to repeat a grade.

The course helps accelerate results and inspires a child to return to school with confidence. The ten-day-course is offered on weekdays from 09:30 – 15:00. Learners will continue with Edublox classes after completing the Intensive 1-on-1 Course.

The Mathblox classes are aimed at Grade 2 - 6 learners and set the foundation for grasping Mathematics, enabling children to enjoy the subject and approach math tests with confidence.

Classes include:
  • ✔ An in-depth understanding of the Mathematical terminology
  • ✔ Foundational mathematics skills such as focused, sustained and divided attention, visual processing, working memory, deductive and inductive reasoning
  • ✔ Application in the form of curriculum-based exercises _ mental arithmetic, reading time and word sums

While there is no ‘quick-fix’ for learning failure and learning difficulties, our Intensive Holiday Courses have proved to accelerate results and help learners take a giant leap forward!

The intention of our Intensive Holiday Courses is to improve cognitive abilities — attention, visual and auditory processing, memory _ as well as improve reading and spelling. These ten-, nine-or eight-day courses are offered from 09:30 – 15:00.

Our Learning English course is integrated with cognitive exercises that allow for faster learning and increased memory retention, with the potential to promote performance in other subjects.

This course is aimed at learners in Grade 3 and above, consisting of 28 modules with the following key topics:

  • Vocabulary: Extensive word lists with researched descriptions
  • Reading and spelling: Powerful and fun exercises ensure fast and sustainable learning
  • Grammar: Rules are dealt with comprehensively and include tenses, nouns, degrees of comparison
  • Pronunciation: Tutor-based learning ensures correct pronunciation

Studiblox is an advanced academic skills course for superior learning proficiency which teaches:

  • ✔ What needs to be memorized, understood and practiced
  • ✔ Mnemonics _ memory techniques
  • ✔ Techniques to quickly understand content
  • ✔ Making summaries
  • ✔ Preparing for exams
  • ✔ Speed reading
  • ✔ How to plan and write essays and speeches
  • ✔ Unprepared speeches

Funblox is offered during school holidays

TDuring the school holidays games, art, crafts, excursions and entertainment may also be offered.
The fully supervised, safe and entertaining classes run every week day from 09:30 – 15:00