The 4Bs is designed with today’s teens in mind, using the latest researches and gamification to help them explore their futures and find their way in life.

This school is a destination for teens to learn about careers, starting a business and managing money. The experience combines games, rewards, and information to help teens explore these topics in a fun and exciting way.

Best of YOU

A five-hour-workshop with a brunch (09:30- 14:30) that helps children learn about their potential skills and understand how to plan their future by introducing skills that employers require to help them enter the labor market.

Business Juniors

A five-hour-workshop with a brunch (09:30- 14:30) providing business awareness and inspiring young people to value business, and define entrepreneurial characteristics.

Build up your Career

A five-hour-workshop with a brunch (09:30- 14:30) helping children explore their career interests and opportunities to develop work readiness skills.

Bridges to Success:

6 soft skills workshops focusing on mind tools:

  • ✔ Teamwork
  • ✔ Time management
  • ✔ Leadership
  • ✔ Communication Skills
  • ✔ Problem Solving
  • ✔ Public Speech